Designing Success: The Ragnar Designs Journey

about Ragnar Designs

Ragnar Designs, by NestedFor, offers a subscription-based design service with seamless graphic and video solutions. Utilizing Laravel for the backend and HTML/CSS for the frontend, it provides a user-friendly platform for clients to submit requests and receive high-quality deliverables. With unlimited revisions and a 5-day free trial, Ragnar Designs ensures client satisfaction and fosters long-term relationships, making it a top choice for design needs.

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The Challenge

At NestedFor, we thrive on challenges, and the creation of Ragnar Designs posed an exciting opportunity to showcase our expertise. The challenge was to develop a subscription-based design service that seamlessly integrates graphic and video design requests, offering unlimited revisions to ensure client satisfaction. We needed to implement a streamlined workflow for clients to submit their design requests and receive timely deliverables within specified turnaround times. Additionally, we aimed to entice potential clients with a compelling 5-day free trial offer to experience the value of Ragnar Designs firsthand.

What and How NestedFor Created This Website

To meet the challenge, we leveraged our expertise in Laravel for the backend and utilized HTML and CSS for the frontend development. Our approach was to build a robust platform that would handle the complexities of managing design requests efficiently while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

Backend Development with Laravel:

We utilized Laravel’s powerful features to develop a scalable backend system for Ragnar Designs. This involved creating models, controllers, and routes to handle various aspects of the subscription service.

Laravel’s built-in authentication system ensured secure access for both clients and designers, allowing them to interact seamlessly within the platform.

Integration with Trello workspace was achieved through API integration, enabling clients to submit their design requests conveniently.

Frontend Development with HTML and CSS:

Our frontend development focused on crafting a visually appealing and intuitive interface for Ragnar Designs. Using HTML and CSS, we designed responsive layouts that adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes.

Attention to detail was paramount, ensuring that the user experience was smooth and intuitive. From the submission of design requests to the revision process, every step was carefully designed to enhance usability.

Implementation of Subscription Model and Free Trial:

We implemented a subscription model that allows clients to choose from different pricing plans based on their needs. The 5-day free trial offer was seamlessly integrated, providing an incentive for potential clients to explore the service risk-free.

Automated billing processes were implemented to handle subscription payments securely, offering a hassle-free experience for clients.

The Results

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