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We help you focus on innovation by connecting the dots between technology, operations, and business value.

IT Consulting Workflow

Advisory services encompass a three-phase approach: first, we delve into understanding the intricacies of your business operations; next, we craft a strategic blueprint aimed at catalyzing change; finally, we zero in on executing this blueprint during the transformation phase.


We scrutinize your work processes and technology selections, pinpointing issues and bottlenecks for resolution.


Our team of software engineers executes the required changes and initiatives seamlessly.


We develop a tangible plan of action to assist you in addressing issues and restructuring where necessary.

Choosing NestedFor entails

A Consultative Approach

In our partnership with your organization, we adhere to the following methodology: planning, optimizing, and executing a technical roadmap to effectively address your business objectives.

Strategic advisory

Assessment of business and IT requirements, analyzing current goals and objectives. Examination of in-house versus outsourced options, including a cost-benefit analysis to determine which IT tasks and functions are best suited for outsourcing.

Technical definition

Enterprise architecture involves providing a comprehensive definition of the infrastructure, systems, and components necessary to meet both business and technical needs. This includes conducting an analysis of the "build vs buy" decision, assessing the advantages and disadvantages of developing each aspect of the system internally versus utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software. This analysis encompasses evaluating upfront and ongoing costs, as well as projecting the total return on investment (ROI).

Optimized Operations

Evaluation of existing software development processes to gauge efficiency, followed by optimization measures aimed at streamlining delivery within current development capacity. Additionally, there's a focus on defining and implementing robust DevOps practices, tailored to the working dynamics of existing teams and addressing identified bottlenecks in the software delivery pipeline.

Implementation plan

For rollout and deployment, we provide detailed technical deployment plans and runbooks for operating complex systems. In software development and testing, we offer a milestone-based plan for feature development and testing aligned with business objectives. In training and support, we create comprehensive plans to train IT personnel and stakeholders on system operation and maintenance.

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